Which Order Do You Wear Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings

As your wedding approaches, there are many things you will be doing to make your day pretty special. In between all this preparations will be the choice, you will have to make for the wedding ring which will seal your union and you also have a beautiful engagement ring which is already there. So how do you wear your engagement and wedding rings? Will they go on the same finger? In addition to this also comes in an eternity ring. In modern times, these eternity rings have become popular among lovers or married couples as gifts. Eternity ring is perfect as a gift when a partner is expecting a child, as a Valentine’s Day Gift or a wedding anniversary. And it creates a lot more confusion. Most of the brides have a hard time as to how to wear all these rings. In this article, we examine the purpose of each ring and how you can wear them. Which ring you should wear? Where and in which Order? Like which is the engagement ring finger or which is wedding ring finger?

Mostly assuming that a woman has received an eternity ring before engagement and she has decided to wear all these rings, then they can wear in the following ways:

If you wear the wedding ring first, then you need to remove the engagement and eternity rings and wear them on different ring fingers or you can put them away during the function to give the wedding ring the attention it deserves.

You can also wear your beautiful eternity ring which carries lot of meaning between your wedding and engagement ring. The set will look lovely and will be reminder of the love for each other.

Most jewelers sell bridal sets which includes engagement plus wedding rings which ensures that they complement each other. The metals are chosen, shape, sizes and precious stones chosen blend easily to get a perfect appearance. In this case, it is suggested to wear the two rings next to each other and the eternity ring last.

Honestly, there is no rule as to how to wear the 3 rings and people come up with your own unique ways to wear them on their ring fingers. Because, comfort should be main consideration in this. Many ladies after marriage wear only wedding bands for every day and wear the engagement rings only for special occasions. You can even weld the three rings together and create a large ring to keep nostalgic memories.

Jewelers now customize all the three rings to make it easier to wear. At the back of your mind, practicality and comfort should be the main considerations. Many work places do not allow rings at work and so it might be impractical to wear and remove them every day. You might also feel like the eternity ring is not appealing in appearance and opt to wear it on another finger. Whichever order you decide to wear the rings, remember the shape size and style should complement each other.

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