The Truth behind the Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is a chic bracelet set with sparkling diamonds set along the entire bracelet of the same size, cut and color. It’s a perfect classic accessory which goes with anything right from casual athletic wear to the little black dress.


Tennis bracelets are one of the 20th century inventions that came into limelight because of the jewelry malfunction of a sports star. In the midst of an intense tennis match in the year 1987, Chris Evert discovered that her diamond bracelet had snapped off her wrist. She halted the game to find her sparkling diamond bracelet and that’s how the tennis bracelet found its name. However, one important thing to be kept in mind is the safety of your precious bracelet. Everybody is not fortunate like Evert and may end up losing their eternal jewelry. Hence, to keep it safe and sound around your wrist, make sure you have a safety clasp around it that’ll prevent the bracelet from getting loosened. One more thing to remember when buying a tennis bracelet is that the length, which is longer than necessary when worn around the wrist, is more exposed to damage. So perfect length is necessary for good durability.


There are different ways to wear a Tennis Bracelet. Since these are very flexible the latest trend which is popular is that you can wear your tennis bracelet with a watch. Just pair your stunning tennis bracelet with a nicer watch and it is gives you a opulent stand out look. Another way is to wear your tennis bracelet is with another bracelet as a great style for a evening out. And a third way is to wear it on its own to rock some bling in your everyday wear.

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