Morganite Engagement Ring – A Gemstone of Eternal Love

Every woman desires an exclusive love story and Morganite which is called “the emerald of love’’ epitomizes pure romance. This is the stone that won’t go out of style but still has lot of personality to offer for the nontraditional bride. Its delicate color makes a Morganite a timeless classic.

 What is a Morganite

 Morganite is a semiprecious stone that is closely related to the gemstone family of emeralds and aquamarine stones. It comes in many shades of pink and is called the gemstone of Divine Love. Morganite can be found from the deposits in Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar and California. It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8.0 on Mohs scale which makes this semi-precious stone a perfect choice for everyday wear jewelry including engagement rings. It was in 1911 when Morganite was named in honor of the banker and mineral collector, John Pierpont Morgan. Morganite is the zodiac birthstone of the people under the sign of Taurus. It is not the traditional birthstone of any month but it the natural birthstone of the people born in autumn.




 More couples choose this glamorous gem for their engagement ring since these stone exhibits a lovely luster after it is cut and polished. When choosing a morganite engagement ring, remember color of the Morganite is the most important factor unlike the diamonds. Pure Pink and Rose tints are ones to look for in Morganites. Since it is type 2 gemstone, a few inclusions are bound to be in the Mornganite ring. Make sure that you buy one that is eye clean for the best valued gemstone. For Morganite , heat treatment is accepted industry standard as it guarantees durability of the stone since heat treatment does not diminish the value of the stone.


 Rose Gold is the most popular choice in settings when it comes to Morganite. Rose gold enhances the blush tones of all shades of Morganites. A Morganite stone can be stunning as a solitaire. However, to really make the ring sparkle considers a halo-style setting. Four prong and six prong and bezel set settings are common choice for Morganite engagement ring. The Edwardian and Victorian Morganite rings in rose gold with diamonds impart an elegant feel making it a dazzling and popular choice for engagement rings.



Caring for the Morganite Engagement Ring

Your Morganite engagement ring should be cleaned with warm soapy water, rinse it with clean water and then treat your stone to a quick polishing with a soft cloth to bring out its beautiful sparkle. With a bit of T.L.C., your Morganite engagement ring will last for years together and give you a lifetime of enjoyment and memories.

With this quick guide, you can now go ahead and impress her with the dazzling elegant engagement ring befitting this special occasion. And with online shopping for Morganite engagement ring you will have limitless options for stones, settings and metals.


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