Men’s Engagement and Wedding Rings

Love and Commitment which represents proposal know no gender boundaries. A lot of thought is put in selecting an engagement ring for a gal by her boyfriend but when it comes to choosing his own engagement/wedding band he is usually clueless.

Many men love accessorizing with silver or gold chains or with sparkling studs in their ears and even rings. Now days, Engagement rings for men are being desired more and more and this trend continues to catch on.


Since he will be wearing it for the rest of his life, he needs to keep in mind few pointers which should reflect his personality while choosing his own ring like his wardrobe, daily routine and overall taste. Today there are very stylish and brilliant designs available for men in engagement and wedding bands which come with small diamonds or gemstones or with engravings.


For men’s bands, gold is the outstanding metal where in you can get their favorite phrase or the name of their spouse inscribed on it. Classic gold ring with a diamonds is another popular choice. Men who are style conscious love the class and sparkle that a diamond band emits. So diamonds are not just girl’s best friend any more.


White gold bands are modern and elegant wherein the gold gets plated with rhodium whose color is cool and resembles with platinum. Men love white gold since they love its radiant white hue and they prefer the platinum look but not the steep price .


Another popular choice with men is the titanium bands. Titanium bands are lightweight and durable. Its appearance varies from high gloss to matte.


Choose your preferred band width. Every guy has an idea as to how wide their wedding band should be. If the band is too wide, it might feel heavy on the finger and it is too thin, it can look dainty. Today jewelry designers use ergonomics to make bands that are comfortable to wear. It is best to guide him in selecting curved interiors instead of flat.


It is easy to get your engagement/wedding ring customized once it has been finalized. Today there are loads of online websites that customize and deliver men’s engagement and wedding rings at reasonable cost.

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