Five untold facts about diamonds

A shiny, sparkling and a precious stone; a diamond ring perfectly relates to love and romance. One of the most desired pieces of jewelry worldwide; it is a favorite of both the genders. But apart from love and brilliance, there are some facts about the precious stone that you surely ought to know. Read on to discover more…



  1. In the 1930’s when the world’s leading diamond business firm, De Beers, came up with the marketing campaign by N.A. Ayer, it became the most successful advertising campaign ever made where in Hollywood celebrities, wives and daughters of ministers were made to wear diamonds. It forged an emotional link between diamonds and love. The copywriter called Frances Gerety, came up with the slogan ‘A Diamond Is Forever’, persuading that the rocks were synonymous with unbreakable romance.


  1. Diamonds are rare on earth, but surely not in space. In 2004, astronomers discovered the presence of a diamond star, some 50 light years away, to be weighing about 10 billion trillion carats, or to make it simple, 1 followed by 34 zeros!

  1. Although diamonds are the first choice when buying jewelry, 80% of those that are unearthed are used for industrial purposes like drilling, polishing, and grinding. This proves the fact that it is indeed the hardest substance on earth.


  1. Diamonds are found in many colors, ranging from pale yellow to colorless, to blue, pink, orange, red, as well as black! They’re weighed in carats where one carat is equal to one fifth of a gram.


  1. One of the biggest cities in the state of Gujarat, Surat attracts diamond lovers from all over the globe. According to the figures, 92% of the polishing of diamonds worldwide is done in this city.


It shines like a star and its magic is sure to make you spell bound. A diamond is more than eternity and love; it is irresistible and indestructible, as suggested by the Greeks.


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