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How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

“Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a ring”- Mae West

The engagement ring you choose for your partner must be as amazing as her personality. But the world of engagement rings is so vast that it could be quite intimidating to choose a ring that will sweep your partner off her feet. Hence, here are a few tips to help you buy the perfect ring for her:

1. Set your budget

A diamond ring comes in a variety of price brackets depending on the cut, carat, clarity and setting of the ring. Hence, you must first set a realistic budget and then contemplate on the kind of ring that you want to gift her.

2. Her ring, Her style!

The challenge here is to decipher her style. If she loves the bling factor, halo engagement ring would be the right choice. If she prefers to keep her looks simple and elegant, solitaire engagement ring would be the ideal choice. It is also important to choose a ring with the right diamond and size. Choosing a ring with side diamonds is a great idea as it enhances the beauty of the centre diamond and would look great with any attire.

3. Ask her close ones

You are out to create the perfect ring that she would love to wear forever so you want to make sure you have all possible criterias in place. Women often share their wishes with their close ones like friends, siblings or their mother. Asking her mother or her best friend will help you understand about her dream ring.

4. Choose the right shape

Have a look at the jewelry she currently wears. This will give you a better idea about which shape suits her best. There is a wide array of attractive shapes of diamonds available like oval, pear, emerald and the classic round-shaped diamond. The classic round shaped diamond gives a shine that catches the eye like no other diamond. The pear-shaped diamond resembles a droplet of water, and can be worn with the point facing either up or down. Pick up an oval-shaped diamond for a unique sparkling look. The square cut diamond gives a balanced and symmetrical look to the ring.

5. Don’t forget the 4 Cs

Last but not the least, with diamonds it is important to make a knowlegeable purchase. Diamond Education at Diamond Delight will guide through the important characteristics of a diamond. With the correct information you will be able to decide on the aspects of the diamond that is viable and most important to your purchase.

We wish you the very best in choosing the perfect ring for your significant other.

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