Engagement Ring Buying Guide – White Gold vs Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold

An engagement ring is the bond between two souls who are going to spend their lives together and is a token of love and togetherness.  Everyone wants perfection when choosing the right engagement ring. Most people get confused when choosing the right metal for their engagement ring. Gold is offered in three colors: yellow, rose and white. Since gold in its pure form (24k) is orange-yellow in color and is too soft to work in jewelry, it is mixed with other metals to increase the strength. These metals are known as alloys and it gives different color to the gold. The beauty of the ring can be extirpated for the prettiest gemstone or for the most expensive diamond if wrong metal is chosen. Hence learning about the differences between Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold is a great way to choose your options when deciding which metal to choose to represent the love of your life.


Yellow gold which is the classiest and common choice for the jewelry, since it looks attractive on everyone but is particularly spectacular when contrasted with warmer skin tones like darker or olive skin. Yellow gold is normally a combination of pure gold, fine silver and copper which results in warm gold hue. With this type of colored yellow gold, you can easily select a diamond of a lower color grade as this yellow gold setting will not show color easily like white gold. It will also balance the added warmth of the diamonds giving you more flexibleness to plan your budget.  It is also the most malleable metal for jewelers to work with and a good choice for rings that may have to be resized at later date. The fashionable yet traditional yellow gold ring can easily beat an exquisite platinum or white gold any day. Browse for beautiful yellow gold engagement rings & yellow gold wedding bands

White gold has a smooth cool gleam which compliments fair and rosy skin tones. White Gold is a perfect choice for people who like the look of the platinum but want to spend less. The color of white gold is achieved when pure gold is combined with zinc, palladium or nickel alloys. White gold is more strong and durable compared to yellow gold since it less prone to scratching and denting. White gold requires inexpensive treatment called Rhodium Plating every few years to retain its color and luster. One thing to keep in mind is that people who have nickel allergy need to choose white gold which is made with nickel free alloy. Colorless diamonds as well as color stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires compliment white gold beautifully. Shop for gorgeous white gold engagement ring & white gold wedding band.

Rose gold is becoming most popular choice for rings for people who want their engagement and wedding rings to have a unique and romantic look. Rose gold alloy is made with a combination of gold, copper and silver and usually the copper to silver ratio determines the final color of rose/pink/red color gold. Rose gold goes well with all kinds of setting but stands out with vintage inspired engagement and wedding rings. Compared to yellow gold and white gold, the durability of rose gold is strongest of the three as copper is most sturdy and so rose gold  alloy is tougher than yellow and white gold. Rose gold is very versatile when it come to setting and looks best with colorless diamonds.  Rose gold ages gracefully and is currently the trendiest option which will never go out of style. Choose the trendiest rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands.


After considering the above aspects, you can opt for various options both online and offline stores and see the ones which meet your requirement and get an elegant engagement ring / wedding ring.


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