Diamonds – Just for Him!

Men’s jewelry has always been occasion-based…till recent times. All accessories have necessarily been functional.But the metro-sexual begs to differ. Today rings lead the men’s accessories in making a strong individualistic fashion statement. From the comfort zone of traditional, coy, gold bands to the classy, innovative macho styles, male accessories sure have come a long way.

Few of the popular trends that are seen in the men’s jewelry diamonds are:

The 90s brought in the trend of wearing an earring, but on a single ear.Nowadays, men of all ages have begun to favor the earrings—some continue to wear them on one ear, while some others are willing to pierce both ears while the still bolder ones have multiple piercing on their ears and may even don them throughout their body.Diamond Delight’s vast collection of diamond earrings for men includes studs and hoops in classic and trendy designs here are few trending products:



Men's Earring

14K White Gold 5-stone Men’s Hoop Diamond Earrings

Men's earring

0.65 Carat Men’s Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold








Diamond studded hoops too have become a rage with the big boys and is considered very classy and masculine.


Metro sexual celebrities have taken necklaces to a completely different level. Necklaces were earlier a popular jewelry restricted to performing artists but today it has become a style statement. Brad Pitt, Jay Sean Justin Bieber you name them and they have been flaunting the accessory. Most men prefer to wear signature studded pendants on chains, and these are available in a myriad of unconventional and striking designs. A very popular preference is also the first letter of their beloved’s name. The picture below shows a diamond necklace with the initial ‘C’, available at Diamond Delight:







Necklaces are a preferred choice during less formal events and are considered as a more casual choice of jewelry. Necklaces or chains are a classy piece of jewelry but keep in mind to not wear a chain that is too thin or too thick.


While bracelets are less popular among men, simple bracelets look classic and elegant. The steel diamond bracelet from Diamond Delight is classy ensemble to add to your style and collection.










Less is more. When it comes to rings, simple is classy. An aesthetic balance can speak volumes. Men now have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Often, rings are considered to be signets of importance—like an ancestral ring—or a jewelry indicating class and social status. Wedding bands for men are usually simple but today diamonds have become uni-sex and changing trends indicate men choose to have theirs studded with diamonds or even pick a solitaire in the center of the ring. White gold and platinum give a more elegant finish to the ring as compared to the ones with yellow gold. But an 18K or a 14 K ring can withstand daily wear and tear better. Diamond rings for men come in various sizes, weights and quality grades. Here are a couple of sleek statement rings available at Diamond Delight:


7mm width, Stainless Steel Diamond Band Ring


5mm width, Round Stainless Steel Diamond Band Ring

So now you can safely commit to diamonds being a guy’s best friend too. Only remember to keep them simple and elegant.

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