Diamond Studs – A Popular Desired Jewelery

The diamond studs are the most desired jewelry piece. Because of its elegance and simplicity it is loved by women and men of all age groups, you can wear them every day and everywhere be it work or party. It matches perfectly with all kind of cloths be it casual wear or a fancy ball room party dress, so you can wear it to all occasions and special events like birthday parties or marriages.

Diamond studs usually goes well on most type of faces and that is why they are so popular. You have to choose the right kind, which will balance your personality. Stud earring comes in various designs where cluster diamond earrings looks classic but single diamond stud earrings are the most popular choice. However if you are looking for something trendy, there are multiple choices like Halo diamond earrings or earrings with different kind of jackets.

If you have a reasonable budget, it will not be difficult to get a perfect pair of ear studs. You can also get certificate of authentication of diamonds from GIA, IGI or AGS whenever you buy quality diamond earrings. This reduces your chances of being ripped off.

You can also opt for diamonds of different hues such as yellow, pink which are highly priced or and black which is relatively cheaper to white diamonds. The common diamond shapes used in earrings are round, princess cut and Asscher-cut diamonds. Pear shaped, hearts and marquise diamonds are rarely used because it is difficult a find a perfect matching pair. If you want budget friendly diamond stud earrings you can consider buying it with clarity rating of SI1 or SI2 as they look perfect to the naked eye but have hidden flaws.


The beauty of the stud earrings for men and women determines from setting and back you choose. There are different stone setting styles namely bezel, crown and prong settings. Prong settings is the most popular choice and come in three, four or six prongs variations which hold the earring closer to the ear. Bezel setting is most secure setting wherein it forms a rim around the edges or the stone. For a much secured back, opt for the stud earrings with screw backs or clips.

In single diamond stud earrings, the carat size determines the diamond’s weight since the design is minimalist and you need a bigger stone for ideal visibility.  But some small diamonds with specific cuts can sometimes sparkle better than large ones. You can save money by choosing little lower clarity and color of the stone and get a spectacular larger carat diamonds.

Diamond studs sparkle and instantly become centre of attention of the wearer when they are well chosen. There are some men who love to make a trend statement by sporting a diamond stud earring on one ear.  And so surprise your man on your anniversary or birthday by gifting him a stud earring or gift it to woman you love as it signifies your eternal love. Diamond stud is a kind of gift that will never go out of style and will always preserve its charm.

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